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press: Campanas y cajas fuertes: Mariana Tellería y Adrián Villar Rojas le regalan al museo macro una obra a cuatro manos

A safe and a hidden bell are a new work that will now be part of Rosario's macro collection (yes, it is written in lower case). They are permanent interventions in the atypical museum in the shape of silos that is on the banks of the Paraná River, a donation by two of the most important Argentine artists: Mariana Tellería, the last representative of the country at the Venice Biennale, and the very international Adrián Villar Rojas, which is currently taking part in exhibitions at the Hellenic Parliament Library and Printing House in Athens and at the Palais de Tokio, Paris.

“It is an irruption that is declared eternal,” says Roberto Echen, artist and thinker, who is curator of the exhibition Refoundation zona_emergente, inaugurated tonight with this surprise, along with works by the Brea collective, the Posporno Chair (Javier Gasparri, Mauro Guzmán , Didac Terre and others) and Wladimir Ojeda. It is part of the Fourth Fortnight of Art, for which art takes to the streets from October 18 to 30, under the pandemic title Suspended Time, which will include its in-person and virtual art MicroFeria and the traditional La Fugaz auction. The show is also associated with Bienalsur. It is the first time that a joint work by these two artists has been part of a museum.