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eduardo abaroa & sofia táboas - imaginario vegetal

Eduardo Abaroa, Sofia Táboas and a group of mexican artisans collaborated to mold and carve a collection of 53 sculptures of different dimensions, whose shapes correspond to plants, roots or animals, such as mandrakes, insects, birds-dolphins, flowers of different types, peyotes, artichokes, nopales, avocados, trees, sheep-dogs, scorpion worms, branches, a flying saucer, among many more. The idea to create such a collection arose from the interest to unite a diversity of fantastic imageries around plants, which are commonly considered astonishing, monstrous, humanoid and even alienlike, rather than looking for their origin or making a taxonomy study out of them. The exhibition at Museo Amparo pretends to approach the spectator to the meanings that where given naturally on a social and historical level and that have been attributed to these natural elements or associated with human beings and life itself.