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press: bárbara sánchez kane in conversation with josé esparza chong cuy

«Fast fashion actually should be eradicated from the fashion system. All this mass production and consumption damages the environment, and the benefits of ferocious capitalism happen at the expense of many. You see items by high street retailers that cost ten dollars or less, and there’s obviously blood on those hands. This process involves underpaid employees and super-long workdays to sell their product. We need to understand this when acquiring these products. I was a part of that system of consumption, but it’s exploitative and toxic. We first need to recognise that we are a part of that system, and become aware of its implications. Locally, I strongly advocate for the consumption of Mexican brands with small productions.

We all complain about what’s happening in the world, and yet do nothing about it. We are against femicides in Mexico and in others in parts of the world, and yet we are the ones responsible for the way we educate society. The same for elections and voting. And I say this because I am in my hometown in Merida to vote on Election Day today. We complain about what’s happening in Mexico. Well, then, we have to go out and vote.

Here we are, talking about fast fashion, and all of a sudden this… In my view, the atrocious cycle of the mass-produced prêt-à-porter lines is the same thing as hegemonic masculinity. Neither should not exist.»