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Nairy Baghramian - Breath Holding Spell

Nairy Baghramian presents an installation that responds to the specific qualities of the setting, combining sculptures from her series Dwindlers and Breath Holding Spells, from which the exhibition also takes its title.

As though in a drawing in the space, the arrangement of the sculptures echoes the shape of the room and emphasizes its axes; at the same time, the composition strikes one as a circulatory system that would ordinarily be at work behind the scenes, its pipes now exposed, though only in selected spots.

The conduits have begun to sprung leaks, and are manifestly dysfunctional; here and there, agglutinations threaten to obstruct the flow. Running parallel to the floor at knee-height and mounted both vertically and horizontally on the walls, the Dwindlers might be aging and porous veins, gutter pipes, or ventilation ducts. Their fragility and the materials chosen for the sculptures as well as the title convey an impression of utter vulnerability.