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jimmie durham & a stick in the forest by the side of the road

Jimmie Durham and Bev Koski, Elisa Strinna, Hamza Badran, Iain Chambers, Joen Vedel, Jone Kvie, Maria Thereza Alves, and Wilma Lukatsch.
A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road is a collective that came about from the idea of Jimmie Durham to reunite a group of people with diverse practices mostly who did not know each other at all and who come from different systems of knowledge and methodologies. He did not expect that they would make a collective work or even a collective theme but instead that we would share knowledge, empathy, and humor and leave open the possibility that our works could entwine. 

Our group started to meet quite recently due to Jimmie’s long illness. His loss left an emptiness among us all and that is also part of the process of our work. We decided to make this process our strength.On his last evening Jimmie said “What a marvelous world – a stick in the forest.”

These words encourage us all to keep engaging in the present with all beings and to make a future together. A stick for Jimmie could be one of the starting points to begin a discourse with the world. And he envisioned the collective to engage with all beings whatever road we find ourselves in.