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iñaki bonillas - companion pieces: new photography 2020

Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020 traces correspondence between images — from pendant pictures that together convey a shared message; to visual echoes reverberating through montage; to photographic series that, woven together, deliver more complex accounts of the world. Through multiple features on MoMA’s Magazine, rolling out throughout the fall and accessible at, Companion Pieces will present recent works by eight artists working in the United States and internationally, including: David Alekhuogie (American, born 1986), Özlem Altın (German, born 1977), Maria Antelman (Greek, born 1971), Iñaki Bonillas (Mexican, born 1981), Sohrab Hura (Indian, born 1981), Dionne Lee (American, born 1988), Zora J Murff (American, born 1987), Irina Rozovsky (American, born Russia, 1981).