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gabriel kuri participate in swiss institute - new york with si onsite

SI ONSITE are a series of commissioned and loaned semi-permanent works and installations that are exhibited in spaces of the building that are not the gallery rooms. In the reception area, reading room, stairs, corridors, ceilings, elevators and other interstitial spaces, artists have contributed to the daily life of the building with works of art in the form of plants, scents, curtains, murals, clothing, seats. , a visitor survey and more.

Gabriel Kuri produced an untitled public art work, a permanent piece for the Swiss Institute Building in New York, consisting of two series of enamel plaques that will cover the two staircases of the building. The viewer will find the names of various corporations (with which the artist is affiliated) placed on the vertical side of some steps, parallel to different codes on the opposite stair. When the viewer circulates vertically through this area of ​​the building, a matching system is activated.


Opening: June 27, 2019