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Carlos Amorales participates in MUAC in Mexico City with her exhibition Axiomas para la acción

Axiomas para la acción is a review of twenty-two years of Carlos Amorales' career proposed as an exhibition that emphasizes the conceptual aspects of his work. Check how they operate beyond the presentation of specific series or works. Its core is a theoretical text by the artist, entitled Axiomas para la acción, which defines the axes that have been constituting his work as an organic investigation, despite its multiform expression.

The exhibition is conceived as a script and a list of work that each institution and curator that carries out it may staged execute in a variable way, in relation both to its particular interpretation of the text of Amorales, as of its material, architectural and organizational possibilities . In that sense, each sample will be an interpretation of the matrix of the work of Amorales, at the same time as a compendium of his work, refuting the pretension of organizing his career in relation to a chronological or classificatory order.