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press: Architecture Club builds cast-concrete studio for sculptor Monika Sosnowska

Architecture Club has completed a sculpture studio for Polish artist Monika Sosnowska, featuring board-marked concrete walls and huge windows.

Located in Warsaw, the 150-square-metre studio is described by its architects as "a generous light-drenched space for undistracted experimentation".

It is a five-metre-high concrete box, with large, bespoke window walls on both the north and the south sides.


Obscured, reinforced glass features on the southern elevation, facing the street. This prevents passersby from seeing what's inside and prevents distractions to Sosnowska while she works. It also helps to subtly diffuse the bright midday sun.

Glazing on the north side of the building is low-iron, making it extra transparent. It offers clear views of the garden, which serves as an ever-changing backdrop to the sculptures on display inside the studio.