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monika sosnowska - fatigue

Monika Sosnowska’s expansive sculptural works seem familiar and yet strange in their aesthetic uniqueness. A bent T-profile of 5m height leans against a wall of Kunstraum Dornbirn. The bar curves up at the bend, the profile with its 900 kilograms no longer carries anything but itself. A steel tube with a diameter of 182 centimetres is torn through the middle, reminiscent of the tear in a sheet of paper, and rolled up over a length of 10 metres. The beginning and end of the tube are circularly intact, lying and standing in space. Next to it hangs from the ceiling a 7.5-metre-high folded steel scaffolding that rests lightly with one corner on the floor. A bundle of steel struts protrudes directly from the back right wall of the exhibition hall. As if bridled by gravity, they resemble a kind of oversized ponytail.