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miguel calderón - el castillo de las junglas imposibles

art+château presents El Castillo de las junglas imposibles (The Castle of the Impossible Jungles), its first-ever exhibitio in the historic setting of the Château de Serrigny in Burgundy. The show features 14 artists from Latin America, including Miguel Calderón, and approximately 50 artworks of all mediums, genres and sizes both on loan from the artists or produced and installed in situ and presented inside the main building of the castle, as well as throughout the property and its grounds.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath, this exhibition offers the opportunity for a thought-provoking reflection on the process of art creating and on the intrinsic freedom and autonomy of art from the mechanism of the art establishment. Reassessing the need for a more authentic encounter with art, El Castillo de las junglas imposibles offers an opportunity to investigate art’s ability to take the viewer on a fantastic and multisensorial exploration.

Curated by Dr. Hans-Michael Herzog and Dr. Valentina Locatelli.