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Haegue Yang participates in Tate Modern in London with her exhibition Dress Vehicles

Haegue Yang’s mobile sculptures, Dress Vehicles, are displayed in the Tanks. The wheeled structures are constructed from aluminium frames, blinds and intricate knotted textile macramé. They have been given titles Bulky Lacoste Birdy, Zig Zag and Yin Yang and are inspired by the choreographed geometry of Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadisches Ballett 1922.

The sculptures are animated by performers who are invited to choreograph their own movements in the space, creating a relationship between performer and object as they ‘dance’ together.

A programme of moving lights will further animate the sculptures, the performers and the space itself. This will be triggered by the sound created from a drum-kit and microphone that the visitors are invited to interact with.