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anri sala - kunsthaus bregenz

Musical phenomena plays a major role in Anri Sala’s work. His transformative, time-based works develop from a dense network of relations between sound, image, and architecture. A recurring medium in the exhibition is film. In contrast to conventional cinema, Sala does not employ a strict narrative or even actors, it is rather musical pieces that become the real protagonists in the works. The cine-matic results from the musical and not, as is customary, vice versa, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in a both visual and acoustic experience of the space.

Kunsthaus Bregenz in its atmospheric presence and dis-tinctive acoustics offers the perfect resonance body for Anri Sala’s art, which always incorporates the exhibition space. For the artist, it is not simply a case of reacting to a given space, but rather about creating the conditions for the various works to be able to relate to one another and the audience. Recent and entirely new works will be on view in the exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz.