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Feathered Changes, Serpent Disappearances presents an archaeological search for absence and a study in the gaps of memory. What role does chance—in the form of lapsed time, erosion, fragmentation, and human intervention—play in our subjective interpretation of history? By lingering on the unknown histories of artifacts, Deball underscores the effects of natural and social processes within archaeological narratives.

The exhibition presents a new vision of archaeology – one that acknowledges ghosts, double visions, and multiple versions of history. The artifacts unearthed through different research originate in local archives. The artist made reproductions of tiny fragments of the murals of Teotihuacán on different scales. Through large-scale fragments, rubbings, ceramics, and fresco works, Feathered Changes, Serpent Disappearances overlays and blends these disparate narratives, splicing them together into a collage of archaeological time.