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Alicia Ayanegui presents Penumbra en mi memoria in Siembra, a pictorial series that investigates the darkness of the nocturnal twilight in which everyday objects and places seem to disappear due to the lack of light. The pieces evoke darkness as a metaphor of the memory in a misty and ephemeral appearance in which a figuration and abstraction coexist, built from a gestural stroke and synthetic drawing of the forms. In the dark, the shapes of objects fade, their outlines are fuzzy, the colors dim almost completely, and it seems that a layer of linear gray covers everything in its path. Ayanegui seeks to recreate this appearance pictorially and elaborates a study of the nuances that exist in the darkness of the night.

Whilst the artist's previous work focuses on the study of light and how it affects our surroundings, this series opens a new path of exploration towards the possibilities that lie in the shadows based on the artist's memories of spaces and objects found in the gloom. Ayanegui conceives this series of dark paintings as memories of situations that now only live in her mind, which may or may not be as he paints them, which generate a poeticization of her memory in the face of loneliness, waiting, nostalgia for the past and night terrors. With a diffuse and synthetic stroke, Ayanegui reveals imprecise, illegible and vibrant but at the same time beings, passive in a stillness that seems endless.