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press: bárbara sánchez kane interview

It is midday and although the sun is at its zenith, its ray does not scorch the yellow bench in front of a door, which resembles all the doors of the houses that line up before it, one next to the other, in that concrete gut that forms a patio and is part of the property in the Roma neighborhood where the first studio -which is not in her house- of designer Bárbara Sánchez-Kane is located. "Casa Yucatán" reads on the yellowish bench in front of the door. One of the few spots of color in this courtyard of white and gray walls.

-We named it Casa Yucatán because the other tenant - a stylist - is also from Mérida. And Mérida won't let me. It chases me. Did you see the wall of the house in the back? It's yellow. It looks like the wall of a house in Merida.