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minerva cuevas - game over

Museo Jumex presents Minerva Cuevas: Game Over, an installation that explores themes of play, ecology, and urban development. These series of works by Mexican artist Minerva Cuevas invite visitors to reflect upon the links between ludic landscapes and the global impact human activity has had on the planet. 

The installation revolves around a mammoth-shaped participatory sculpture 200 mamuts, casi 25 camellos, cinco caballos [200 mammoths, almost 25 camels, five horses], produced with the Mexican artisanal practice of cartonería (papier-mâché sculpture) that refers to the uncovering of fossilized remains of hundreds of mammoths beneath the construction of the new Mexico City airport. Through her research, Cuevas translates contemporary geopolitical problems into a multidisciplinary artistic practice.

Parallel to the main installation, a group of related works by Cuevas are on display in the museum’s gallery -1. Most notably, Cuevas’ No Room to Play (2019), a video touring playgrounds in post-war Germany will be on view. The poem read by a young girl explores the past and presents a ravaged reality, where climate change leaves an abandoned urban landscape.