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fog design+art 2022

Utilizing a variety of mediums and non-normative materials, kurimanzutto’s presentation looks to moments of hidden meaning located in the fabric of the every day and the ordinary, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whilst Iñaki Bonillas and Fernando Ortega look to music as points of reference to obscure and abstract, Damian Ortega and Dr. Lakra rethink the medium of textile, debasing the idea of craft and opening up new possibilities. Text and semantics take the forefront of Rirkrit Tirvanija’s work, exposing the emotional response humans have to language. A live component, in the form of a slogan-laden ping pong table, activates the ideas and thinking of Tirvanija even further. Movement and rotation connect the elegantly formed, rotational paintings of Gabriel Orozco and the mobile sculptures of Haegue Yang. Movement too, in the form of Nairy Baghramian’s Privileged Points, reveal the process of acrylic residue slowly and seemingly seeping from a contorted form. And finally, mining the motif and the representation of water, Oscar Murillo and Minerva Cuevas examine the politics of blindness that pervades society.