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Adrián Villar Rojas presents Untitled VI, VII, VIII (from the series Rinascimento) for Siembra 36 in kurimanzutto: a collection of domestic refrigerators with a display case over the freezer through which one can observe various compositions comprised of natural and processed elements—generally considered by human beings to be called foods—such as fruit, fish, beer, mushrooms, animal bones and meat.

    The works are part of From the Series Rinsascimento (2015-ongoing) in which the artist uses traditional household refrigerators, emphasizing their domestic and minimalist aesthetic. Villar Rojas uses the refrigerators to partially explore his interest in the entropy of the anthropocene, the fragility of life, and the mono-technical culture mediating human relations. Over the course of the exhibition, these elements natures mortes, fixed in time, become covered in frost and begin to change little by little due to the effects of temperature on their tissue and matter.

    These compositions embody a testament to the abundance of the earth’s nutrients and bear a conceptual and thematic connection to art history, particularly of the Renaissance period. The once-living flora and fauna were chosen with precision from commercial food supply vendors. The origins of each product reflect the expansive supply chains of national and international food production. Villar Rojas creates a hybrid object and an image that is simultaneously permanent and ephemeral. As long as the glacial temperature is maintained, the lush composition will remain in place, but it also depends on a continuous supply of electricity and functioning of a mechanical object, often created with planned obsolescence. In Villar Rojas’s work, objects derived from all aspects of culture and the environment exist in a hybrid future that extols the ecological ruin that we are currently facing.